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Welcome to the Brunel Microscopes Group

The Brunel Group covers a range of activities and each has a representative website. These can be visited from the side bar, just click the button to see a preview, then click the preview to visit the website.

Brunel Microscopes Ltd is the parent company of the Brunel group. We are specialists in the field of microscopy, first established in 1986 and are one of the leading independent microscope companies in Europe.

This site is designed as a portal for the group websites, and also as a customer support portal that will offer support related to the sale of microscopes and computers. If you are missing a driver, need some help documents, see some tutorial videos, and are an existing customer, we can make these available to you via this website.

You can contact us to request access to the support, or you can create an account online and supply your email address.

Tel: 01249 462655


Benefits of registering with us:
  • Free Downloads, Support, and Troubleshooting access via this website.
  • Notification of any new additions to our used microscopes website.
  • Member offers and discounts from time to time
Welcome to the Brunel Microscopes

This site is for the download of mobile device software. If you need the main website please either visit this site on your main computer or make the window larger.


Handheld WiFi - HiView Plus2 (andriod) - v12.3.3 (no recording)
Download Now - HiviewPlus2_v12.3.3

Handheld WiFi - HiView Plus3 (andriod) - v12.3.2 (recording)
Download Now - HiviewPlus3_v12.3.2

Handheld WiFi - HiView Plus (andriod) - older Version
Download Now - HiViewPlus

Mac iOS

Handheld WiFi - HiView Plus (iOS)
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Tel: 01249 462655