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Brunel Microscopes Ltd / Apex Microscopes Ltd

Please select your camera/microscope from the list below for access to support and drivers for the camera/microscope.
If your camera/microscope does not appear in the list then please fill in the form below, if you do not have a camera/microscope supplied by Brunel Microscopes Ltd or Apex Microscopes Ltd we may not be able to help.

Please select a camera/microscope:

If you need help with extracting the files from the .zip download please refer to this PDF file for help/instructions
Help Extracting files from .zip download.

If you need help with installing the software then please refer to this video before contacting us.
Help Installing Software (Video)

If you are having issues please pick your camera and check the trouble shooting issues, where possible we ask that you try the camera on an alternative computer to see if you get the same results before contacting us.

Please contact us if your camera is not in the list or if you have tried the latest downloads and also tried on an alternative computer, but are still having issues. Please ensure when you contact us you have your order number available, and you have the computer in front of you with a valid internet connection. We may request remote access to the computer to be able to assist in getting the camera up and running for you.